Valet Product Line (VPL), owners and manufacturer of the unique Shoe Boot Valet (SBV) and our upcoming Sock Valet (SV), transitioned to manufacture and marketing only in 2016. The Shoe Boot Valet is the only device designed to assist the elderly and mobility challenged pull on and take off their footwear (shoes and boots) with no bending or reaching required. The SBV has a gripping mechanism that slips over the heel of the shoe, boot or slipper and allows the user to slide their foot into the footwear; a cam grips the shoe and you pull the shoe or boot on just by lifting or pulling on the device handle. The harder you pull the tighter the cam grips; little to no grip strength is required. VPL patented and attached a bootjack that pops off any shoe or boot with ease. You can use the device standing or sitting and the whole device weighs approximately one pound.