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Valet Product Line, a veteran and minority owned business, is a smaller company whose main objective is to help people lead normal lives despite handicaps, prosthetics, diseases, orthopedic surgeries... We are not trying to compete with larger companies who vie with each other on hundreds of categories that, basically, provide the same service. Our products provide the solution for everyday painful and embarrassing issues that no one else addresses. 



Shoe and Boot Valet

Shoe & Boot Valet


Shoe and Boot Valet




The Sock Valet

sock valet

This is Valet Product Line’s newly patented “Sock Valet” prototype. The device has an adjustable hinge to meet your size of feet or mobility requirements. You will notice the patented gripping device which separates this sock donning device from all others on the market. The gripping mechanism firmly grasps the hosiery after being placed on the sock holder to where you can pull the sock over your foot, ankle and up the calf with little to no bending and reaching requirement. You use the gripping device to remove the hosiery as well.

Socks are one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, dressing item to put on. The Sock Valet will revolutionize the sock donning industry and be a Godsend to millions of the elderly, mobility challenged and disabled veterans.


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