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It’s everything you said it would be Trent. Let me know when the sock device is available. Thanks, great product!”

Joe Hale

El Reno, OK

Got it and love it. Where has this been for the last 15 yrs! I will be showing it to other old farts.

Dick Maxey

Houston, TX

Trent,I received the Shoe Valet today and love it! With your permission I am going to present it to some veterans groups I am associated with. Let me know.

Jack Nunley

The Nunley Group

It has arrived! Mum received it. Yippee !!!!!!!



I got it for my husband and I thought he was going to cry. He needed it so bad. Thank you!

Judith Clay

Dallas, TX

Got the sample, it works; am showing it around. I am taking it with me on a business/sale trip. Send me pricing on couple of hundred units and then we will talk container load. Come down and we will do the barbie bit.

Peter Gowers


Works great! I may be ordering another one. My wife uses it more than I do taking off her bootsJ. The shipping cost was correct.Thanks!

Don Gilliam


Thank you, Mr. Morris. It is exactly what I need. I will give it to my mom after my rehab.

Cindy Valdez

Laredo, TX

Trent, I finally got it. I like it and it gets the job done. Shipping costs, etc is the only problem I see.

Gaby Bar


What a blessing! I have no energy whatsoever- the chemo is a drainer! Sure I can’t pay for this?

Jennifer Reiter

Tulsa, OK

As advertized, thank you Trent. I want the sock device too.

Percy Gosling


Trent, took me a while to get figure out the bootjack attachment, then I looked at the box. Duh! Go Cowboys!!!!!

Bill Baswell


Mr. Trent, just received it and just in time for winter. I love the bootjack as much or more than the valet. I wear a lot of boots will use it every day.

P Stormant

Denver, CO

Trent, you were correct. With the new hip, I don’t know what I would do without your product. I use it for other things too. Thanks buddy!

Terry Curtis

Tulsa, OK

If you have any problems with putting on your shoes or taking off shoes or boots this product will be of great help. It is easy to use and weighs about a pound. We have tried it and had people who are mobility impaired use it and it has helped them immensely. It is highly recommended and it is the only product we could find that addresses this problem.

This is a June 7, 2015 review by, The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet.

I am a 73 year old male with limited mobility and lymphedema. I use the Valet to help me put on my shoes. However, more importantly I use it to remove my heavy duty compression socks. The socks are very hard to remove and I put a lot of stress on the Valet. It is strong and has held up well through the more than normal stress I have put on it. I have one at work, one in my car one at the house. Why one in the car?—Because at times the compression socks become so painful they must come off. To remove them quickly is also impossible without the Valet—And yes, I do stop and park the car first.

Larry Keeler
Shenandoah, TX
Jan 30, 2014

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