How does a Houston, TX real estate broker with no medical experience or knowledge end up
manufacturing medical assistive devices?  I grew up in a small town working on horse ranches and farms in central Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma.  I got tired of the Houston city life and hassle and bought a ranch in Colorado to raise horses and did that for 7 yrs. My mother became ill and I sold my ranch and moved back to Oklahoma to take care of her.
I needed something to do so I sold saddle and tack for a hundred year old saddlery in Denver and
opened up Oklahoma and Texas for them. In my travels I found a device that a rancher had patented that assisted farmers and ranchers in pulling on and taking off their footwear. It was ingenious.  The problem was it that was constructed of (welded) cast iron and weighed approximately 10 lbs. I kept it in my truck and seldom showed it because of the economics of manufacturing and shipping it. When my
mother passed away, I decided to redesign the device, licensed the product and moved to Tulsa where everything started to happen.