It is no secret that obesity is one of major pandemics facing us today and especially in the U.S. The effects of this disease is not only mobility challenging but can be one of the major factors/risks in: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer, strokes and dozens of  other life threatening and mobility challenging illnesses. Thirty-five percent of the US population is obese, including 6.3% in the extreme category.  Granted different scales of obesity can be misleading, but the obvious is seen every day on the street and through the media…
Whether the cause is poor health choices, inactivity or medical concerns and medications, obesity ranks near the top of the disability chain. Bending and reaching is visually an obvious physical problem for the obese but the potential long term damage to joints and major organs will eventually cause major medical problems.

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Approximately 2 million people in the US have prosthetics.  The main cause of acquired limb loss is poor circulation in a limb due to arterial disease, with more than half of all amputations occurring among people with diabetes mellitus.  Dozens of other disabling diseases contribute, also. Limb loss is high in the elderly populations, who have mobility problems anyway; many younger and more mobile, who wear prosthetics, are included in this category. Most individuals experiencing the loss of a limb(s) have the potential to attain a high degree of function and a satisfying quality of life. The type of limb loss, though, may have a disabling affect concerning certain daily issues starting with getting dressed and, especially, putting on and taking off shoes and socks. The lack of a certain limb or limbs can complicate the process, especially when bending, reaching and/or gripping are involved. 

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The revolutionary new Shoe Boot Valet is  a Godsend to the millions of people suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is the number 1 cause of disabilities in the US; 54 million people are doctor diagnosed with some form of arthritis. In 2011, there were 757,000 total knee replacement procedures performed, with osteoarthritis accounting for 95% of joint replacements. In 2011, there were 512,000 total hip replacement procedures (OA accounted for 80%). Most all major orthopedic surgeries are arthritis originated.  Average rehab from these major orthopedic surgeries is 6-8 months with little to no bending or reaching allowed. Two and half million adults have definite to severe grasping disabilities due to arthritis. Getting dressed is normally the first physical task of the day and requires bending, reaching and grasping.

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An Excellent Gift

Most people have friends or family members who have a bad back, hip, shoulder, prosthetic or suffer from hundreds of different maladies that effect their mobility and quality of life. From the moment they get out of bed they face challenges most people don’t just to get dressed and get their day started. They suffer varying degrees of pain or may even need assistance in getting dressed and/or undressed which can be both embarrassing and depressing. Some of these people are limited to the type of footwear they choose to wear because of the difficulty putting on and taking off certain types of footwear (boots, laced shoes, women’s fashion boots, etc). Many, who suffer from bending and reaching issues, have difficulty accepting the fact that they need assistance for a myriad of reasons. They will accept it at some point, why not sooner than later?  The vast majority have no idea that the solution to their problems is just a click away.

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Experiencing Orthopedic Surgery

Over the past few weeks, I have learned more about orthopedic surgery than I ever wanted to know or remember.  I had an ankle replacement and am now experiencing this first hand.  I hate every minute of it but I know that in order to improve, I have to do the rehab the doctor has prescribed for me.  I believe this is sort of a Godsend for me to eliminate my ankle pain forever, make it possible for me to continue playing golf and simply, walking without pain.  But, by far, the unexpected benefit has been to experience the pain that many of my customers go through on a daily basis.  I had no idea that the inactivity and wearing “the boot” would deteriorate the major muscles in my legs, knees, back, etc. and what the daily pain to just “get around” would be.  During the day, it is not so bad; but at night, it can be excruciating just trying to relax.  I didn’t know the most painful part of the entire journey can be the rehab physical therapy sessions and daily exercises demanded of you, if you want to get well.  I have now experienced the pain and loss of independence myself, just trying to get dressed in the morning.


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