Shoe Boot Valet

The Shoe & Boot Valet gives you independence and relieves nagging painful situations in your daily dressing activities. This product helps individuals put on and take off their footwear with just one hand, requires no bending or reaching and little to no grip strength. It is the only device specifically designed for this utility. The Shoe Boot Valet weighs approximately one pound and is constructed to last for years under normal use. Use it at home or take it with you. It works on most types of footwear and has an attached patented bootjack that pops off shoes and boots with incredible ease. It is great for wet and cold climates. What better gift for friend or loved one!



Shoe and Boot Valet

Shoe & Boot Valet


Shoe and Boot Valet The Shoe Boot Valet is the only device on the market that assists the elderly and mobility challenged pull on and take off their footwear without having to bend or reach. You can use it standing or sitting; it weighs approximately one pound, requires little to no grip strength, and is durable enough to last for years under normal use. According to the 2010 census over 50 million people in the US alone need this type of assistance due to aging, strokes, diabetes, obesity, cancer, physical handicaps and dozens of other maladies. This statistic increases 5% per year.

  • There are over 1 million major orthopedic surgeries a year in the US alone. The average recovery time is 6-8 months with no bending or reaching allowed. The Shoe Boot Valet is the only product on the market that provides this service giving these rehab patients the independence they lost.

You know someone who needs these devices. What better gift could you possible give a friend or loved one than relief from pain and inconvenience with their necessary daily activities? The Shoe Boot Valet gives them back their independence and is the only device that does.



The Sock Valet ...Coming Soon !

sock valet

We just received our final patent on our revolutionary new “Sock Valet”.  It will be the only sock device with a gripping mechanism that pulls the sock (compression hosiery) over the foot, ankle and up the calf without the sock continually falling off. There is little to no bending or reaching required. This remarkable new device is already highly anticipated in the assisted living market and will be available later this year.


I am a 73 year old male with limited mobility and lymphedema. I use the Valet to help me put on my shoes.  However, more importantly I use it to remove my heavy duty compression socks.  The socks are very hard to remove and I put a lot of stress on the Valet.  It is strong and has held up well through the more than normal stress I have put on it.  I have one at work, one in my car one at the house.  Why one in the car?—Because at times the compression socks become so painful they must come off.  To remove them quickly is also impossible without the Valet—And yes, I do stop and park the car first.

Larry Keeler
Shenandoah, TX
Jan 30, 2014 

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