The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is here and what to buy for your friends and loved ones? You want to purchase something that they will enjoy, use or maybe even something they desperately need.  Maybe a gift that will relieve their pain doing normal daily activities and give them back some of the independence they have lost over the years due to the aging process, arthritis, diabetes or one of dozens other disabling afflictions. Maybe your Dad just had back surgery or a major joint replacement and his mobility is dramatically restricted for the next 6-8 months or your sister is pregnant and has bending issues…. 


Christmas is for appreciating your love of God, friends and love ones. Valet Product Line (VPL) is a unique company that patents and develops “one of a kind” assisted living devices available only from VPL. We are the sole owners and suppliers of these revolutionary products. Their flagship product, the Shoe Boot Valet, (SBV) assists the elderly and mobility challenged put on and take off their footwear (shoes, boots, etc) with no bending or reaching required. It is the only device specifically designed for this purpose and has a patented gripping device that allows this utility with no bending or reaching required; you can use it standing or sitting and it weighs approximately one pound. You can find more information and demonstration videos at  Our newly patented Sock Valet (SV) will be available in early to mid 2017 and will provide the same utility for sock and compression hosiery use as the SBV does for shoe and boots. The SV has a similar patented gripping mechanism that allows you to pull the sock or compression hosiery over you foot, ankle and up the calf with no bending or reaching required. The SV will revolutionize the industry.

Buy a SBV for a friend or loved one for $39.95 and they will be thinking of you every morning for years to come. 

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