Marketing and Manufacturing

Valet Product Line has officially transitioned to manufacture and marketing only and has been moving in that direction for over a year. The company is getting attention from around the globe in the medical assisted living industry with their Shoe Boot Valet. Their newly patented Sock Valet and Boot Valet, coming to the marketplace in 2017, will add to their product line of “one of a kind” devices and will assist millions of elderly and mobility challenged people deal with pain and give back lost independence on a daily basis.
VPL is into its 5th month of intense social media marketing of its products and the response from Face Boot alone has been remarkable and rewarding. VPL have been contacted several times by the Veterans Administration medical division to become an approved vendor and will soon be so. There are 6 million disabled veterans in the US. They are talking to dozens of Native American tribes who are plagued with diabetes, arthritis, strokes, obesity, etc. VPL’s products were designed for these afflictions and dozens more; their owner is both Native American and a veteran.
VPL is bringing on a partner to take on the retail/wholesale, administrative and logistical responsibilities while they develop and market and add to their product line. The market is beginning to come to VPL now as product awareness increases daily. They are the owners and only suppliers of these unique and desperately needed products; a rising star in the making.

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