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Valet Product Line (VPL), owners and manufacturer of the unique Shoe Boot Valet (SBV) and our upcoming Sock Valet (SV), transitioned to manufacture and marketing only in 2016. The Shoe Boot Valet is the only device designed to assist the elderly and mobility challenged pull on and take off their footwear (shoes and boots) with no bending or reaching required. The SBV has a gripping mechanism that slips over the heel of the shoe, boot or slipper and allows the user to slide their foot into the footwear; a cam grips the shoe and you pull the shoe or boot on just by lifting or pulling on the device handle. The harder you pull the tighter the cam grips; little to no grip strength is required. VPL patented and attached a bootjack that pops off any shoe or boot with ease. You can use the device standing or sitting and the whole device weighs approximately one pound.
We have also patented a Sock Valet that provides the same uniqueness and service as the SBV but is designed specifically for socks and compression hosiery. The SV is through the design process and we are fine tuning the working prototype for final testing; once approved, we will make a demo video of it and send it to the waiting distributors both domestic and international. We expect to have the new device market ready in early 2017. The SV has competition in the marketplace but nothing comes close to its utility and eliminating bending and reaching issues. Also, in 2017, we will introduce our new Boot Valet (BV) that will be a shorter and stronger version of the SBV and our markets will be the farm, ranch and other boot wearer communities including the lady fashion market. People in colder and wetter climates will think it is a godsend. Boot manufacturers and catalog companies are excited because they lose millions of customers a year due to a multiple of issues affecting their mobility and ability to put on and take off their beloved boots without pain and embarrassing needed assistance. A simple device like our BV will bring millions of new and old purchasers to their stores as well as new markets that will now be able to wear boots and other similar footwear.
VPL sells only in large volume (container load size) purchases to both domestic and international distributors and other large volume purchasers. This lowers their initial product cost and increases their margins. This transition is much more administrative efficient for VPL and allows them to concentrate on new product development and marketing to new markets, especially international. VPL is the owner and only provider of these new, revolutionary products.
If you want to purchase one of their unique, one of a kind devices go to their website,; you can order one through a distributor.

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