The assisted living industry provides some wonderful products but many lack convenience of use outside of the home type environment.  Many of these devices are desperately needed and restrict travel and other getting out of the house excursions. Valet Product Line is becoming increasing known for the uniqueness of its products and the wonderful service they provide. No other products come close to the utility of their products and the service they provide in putting on and taking off socks, shoes, boots… with no bending or reaching required. 


Convenience is not a problem with our Shoe Boot Valet and their other products coming out in the next 3- 8 months.  All weigh approximately one pound and easily fit in your suitcase or in your car, truck, etc. Putting on and taking off your socks and footwear are a daily necessity for most all people but the bedridden and it is a major problem for millions of Americans with bending, reaching, gripping and mobility issues. Many of our consumers buy more than one Shoe Boot Valet just for the convenience of having it close to where they need it. They may have one in the bedroom and one on the front porch to pull on and take off work boots. Some diabetics have an extra one to pull their feet into the car because of severe lower limb issues.  VPL’s objective is to take care of our customers’ needs wherever they are and under any circumstance, if possible. 

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