It is no secret that obesity is one of major pandemics facing us today and especially in the U.S. The effects of this disease is not only mobility challenging but can be one of the major factors/risks in: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, some types of cancer, strokes and dozens of  other life threatening and mobility challenging illnesses. Thirty-five percent of the US population is obese, including 6.3% in the extreme category.  Granted different scales of obesity can be misleading, but the obvious is seen every day on the street and through the media…
Whether the cause is poor health choices, inactivity or medical concerns and medications, obesity ranks near the top of the disability chain. Bending and reaching is visually an obvious physical problem for the obese but the potential long term damage to joints and major organs will eventually cause major medical problems.
Valet Product Line’s unique products are specifically designed for these difficult, sometimes painful and  embarrassing issues that plague millions of Americans getting dressed everyday of their lives. The Shoe Boot Valet is the only product that assists you in pulling on and taking off your footwear with no bending or reaching required. Their newly patented “Sock Valet” will be the only sock device that provides this same, one of a kind, service because of the patented gripping device that pulls the sock over the foot, ankle and up the calf with no bending or reaching required.
The Shoe Boot Valet is available now and the Sock Valet will be later this year. Another Valet Product Line unique, “one of a kind”, product is in the works for 2017. 

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