Approximately 2 million people in the US have prosthetics.  The main cause of acquired limb loss is poor circulation in a limb due to arterial disease, with more than half of all amputations occurring among people with diabetes mellitus.  Dozens of other disabling diseases contribute, also. Limb loss is high in the elderly populations, who have mobility problems anyway; many younger and more mobile, who wear prosthetics, are included in this category. Most individuals experiencing the loss of a limb(s) have the potential to attain a high degree of function and a satisfying quality of life. The type of limb loss, though, may have a disabling affect concerning certain daily issues starting with getting dressed and, especially, putting on and taking off shoes and socks. The lack of a certain limb or limbs can complicate the process, especially when bending, reaching and/or gripping are involved. 

People with prosthetics are a small market for Valet Product Line’s products. All markets are very important to VPL where they can provide instant relief. Valet Product Line, again, comes to the rescue providing their specialty “one of a kind” products that give the mobility challenged back the independence they have lost and the pain and embarrassment that goes with it.  

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