The revolutionary new Shoe Boot Valet is  a Godsend to the millions of people suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is the number 1 cause of disabilities in the US; 54 million people are doctor diagnosed with some form of arthritis. In 2011, there were 757,000 total knee replacement procedures performed, with osteoarthritis accounting for 95% of joint replacements. In 2011, there were 512,000 total hip replacement procedures (OA accounted for 80%). Most all major orthopedic surgeries are arthritis originated.  Average rehab from these major orthopedic surgeries is 6-8 months with little to no bending or reaching allowed. Two and half million adults have definite to severe grasping disabilities due to arthritis. Getting dressed is normally the first physical task of the day and requires bending, reaching and grasping.

Valet Product Line’s Shoe Boot Valet (SBV) is the only product that assists in putting on and taking off your footwear with no bending, reaching or gripping required. How can that be? The gripping mechanism closes on the heel of the shoe or boot you are putting on and you just lift the handle in your cupped hand and pull up. The gripping mechanism’s cam grips the shoe or boot heel and the harder you pull the tighter it grips. The SBV has a patented attached bootjack that pops off most any shoe or boot with ease and is much easier and more convenient to use than the standard old floor bootjack. The SBV allows the mobility challenged (arthritic) to wear most any type shoe or boot they want to with no pain and with full independence.

VPL just patented and developed a working prototype for our new Sock Valet (SV) that has a gripping mechanism which provides the same service for socks and compression hosiery. The Sock Valet will be available later this year and will revolutionize the sock donning industry.
Valet Product Line is veteran owned and doing what they can do to make life easier and less painful for millions of elderly and mobility challenged.  Their products are the only devices specifically designed to provide these services.

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