An Excellent Gift

Most people have friends or family members who have a bad back, hip, shoulder, prosthetic or suffer from hundreds of different maladies that effect their mobility and quality of life. From the moment they get out of bed they face challenges most people don’t just to get dressed and get their day started. They suffer varying degrees of pain or may even need assistance in getting dressed and/or undressed which can be both embarrassing and depressing. Some of these people are limited to the type of footwear they choose to wear because of the difficulty putting on and taking off certain types of footwear (boots, laced shoes, women’s fashion boots, etc). Many, who suffer from bending and reaching issues, have difficulty accepting the fact that they need assistance for a myriad of reasons. They will accept it at some point, why not sooner than later?  The vast majority have no idea that the solution to their problems is just a click away.

Valet Product Line addresses and solves these dilemmas for millions of people and is the only provider of assisted living devices that does. They specialize on these bending, reaching and dressing problems and that is all they do. They patent and develop products like their Shoe Boot Valet and upcoming Sock Valet (later this year) because they have suffered themselves, been in the military; they have seen and understand the needs of our heroes and the injustices they face daily. Their mission and purpose is solely to develop products that give mobility challenged back their independence, dignity and ease their pain. 

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