Helping Veterans

Valet Product Line has been contacted by Veterans Administrations’ medical facilities to become a vendor for the VA providing millions of disabled veterans these one of a kind, useful devices.  VPL is working to facilitate that happening. 

Valet Product Line is a veteran and minority owned business. VPL’s primary objective and purpose is to assist veterans and the disabled in dealing with the painful, difficult issues they face on a daily basis.  VPL offers assistance and solutions for the elderly and mobility challenged that one other company does.

Valet Product Line, manufacturer of the unique Shoe Boot Valet and upcoming, newly patented, Sock Valet is reaching out directly to the millions of consumers who need these “one of a kind” products through social media. Forty (40) million elderly and mobility challenged Americans have difficulty putting on and taking off their shoes and socks; VPL has the only solution where no bending or reaching is required. 

Shoe Boot Valet • 918-289-1474 • Tulsa, Oklahoma  

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