Revolutionary Products

Valet Product Line is now promoting its unique revolutionary products worldwide. Our products are “one of a kind” and so unique they have brought a new device utility category into the assisted living industry. Our  new marketing program will reach and educate millions of elderly and mobility challenged people through social media who have difficulty putting on and taking off their footwear using one device that does it all, the Shoe Boot Valet (SBV). 

 If you have problems putting on and taking off your shoes, boots, etc, you can now do it with one device and there is no bending or reaching required, no pain, no need for assistance from a friend or loved one. Our new revolutionary Sock Valet, out later this year, will have the same utility with socks. There are products that claim to assist with putting on and removing socks but they don’t work and that is a well known fact in the industry. Our products have gripping mechanisms with the strength and utility to make these daily painful issues as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Valet Product Line, a veteran and minority owned business, is a smaller company whose main objective is to help people lead normal lives despite handicaps, prosthetics, diseases, orthopedic surgeries…  We are not trying to compete with larger companies who vie with each other in hundreds of categories that, basically, provide the same service. Our products provide the solution for every day painful and embarrassing issues no one else addresses.

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