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Valet Product Line has transitioned from a full service operation (manufacturing, marketing, wholesale, some retail) to manufacturer only. It took over a year to make this transition in entirety; we sold all our SBV product to a US distributor who will be selling our products exclusively in the US, both wholesale and retail.  Our main concentration now is volume production, marketing and selling container loads to our US distributor and foreign distributors and other related organizations worldwide. We can do this because our products are “one of a kind” and desperately needed by 100’s of millions the elderly and mobility challenged worldwide (40 million in the US alone). We have no competition and are the owners and only suppliers.  We are negotiating a container load to Canada now. 


The transition gives us the time and opportunity to finish development of our newly patented “Sock Valet” and have it in our consumer’s hands by early 2016. The SV is the same market as the SBV and a large majority of our SBV customers will be immediate purchasers of our SV. The need for “sock assistance” far exceeds the need for shoes and boots; it is by far the most difficult clothing item to put on and take off, requiring extensively bending and reaching.  The working prototype of the SV is finished and we will soon make a demo video of the remarkable utility of this product and send it out worldwide. 
With the transition complete and the SV in the production process, we can start our worldwide marketing program and begin giving our products the exposure they need. Again, our uniqueness and the desperate need for the products makes marketing more of an awareness of the product situation than a competitive one.
 “A picture/video is worth a thousand words” will be the basis of our initial marketing program, at least, through the holidays.  We will be sending out pictures and information to thousands of both large volume and individual consumers in need of our devices through social media, email and other media types.  One picture or video of our “one of a kind” products in use will attract people who desperately need this assistance or have friends that do.  Word travels quickly when you have something no one else has, eases your pain and gives you back the independence you have lost.
Currently we are only marketing to the medical industry. We have had opportunities to sell to large retailers, etc, but that is not in our marketing program at this time.

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