The New Sock Valet

There are probably a dozen “sock” products on the market but none of them get the job done; all require extensive bending and reaching and are made of flimsy materials. Most are made of wire, cheap plastic, rope, etc, and all require extensive bending and reaching. You can ask any medical professional in the industry that deals directly with the elderly and mobility challenged and they will agree that nothing on the market comes close to meeting their minimum requirements. If you have a problem with socks and compression hosiery you probably already know this.
The only way it can work without enabling person assistance is if you have a device (sock holder) you can put the sock over and a gripping mechanism that holds the sock in place while you insert your foot into the sock holder and pull the sock over the foot, ankle and up the calf. The SV is long enough to do this with no bending or reaching when inserting the foot into the sock holder; but not too long, making the procedure awkward once your sock is pulled over the ankle and up the calf. You also remove the sock/hosiery using the gripping mechanism with no bending or reaching required.
This product will be a Godsend to millions of people who have mobility issues with handicaps, cancer, strokes, diabetes, arthritis and dozens of other afflictions that rob you of your independence.  There are over a million major orthopedic surgeries every year. The vast majority of these require extended rehab time (6-8 months) with no little to no reaching allowed.
Development of our new patented Sock Valet (SV) is in the final stages of development and will be available to the public by early 2016. The SV will be the only sock donning device on the market where no bending or reaching is required. Distributors worldwide have been interested since the patent was granted and the product announced.
Valet Product Line’s new Sock Valet will revolutionize the sock donning industry and, along with the Shoe Boot Valet, make life easier and more independent for the millions of the elder and mobility challenged market that increases significantly every year.

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