Aids for the Elderly

As people get older and the aging process progresses, many members of the elderly population lose different degrees of mobility, which causes a loss of independence concerning their daily living needs. A few of these problems derive from: muscle weakness, joint problems, pain, disease, neurological (brain and nervous system) difficulties and arthritis; all of these common conditions in older people can contribute to mobility problems. Sometimes, several mild problems occur at one time and combine to seriously affect mobility.

Putting on and taking off footwear and socks are two of the major issues the elderly deal with on a daily basis, due to bending and reaching restrictions. Many need assistance, especially, when trying to put on different types of shoes and boots that they like to wear, but can’t anymore. The Valet Product Line took note of this deficiency in the marketplace and came to the rescue for millions of seniors, disabled veterans, the handicapped, major orthopedic rehab patients and all those suffering from dozens of other maladies which cause lack of mobility and independence.

Our flagship product, the Shoe Boot Valet, is the only product specifically designed to pull on and take off footwear with no bending or reaching required, and you can use it standing or sitting down. It far surpasses the utility of anything else on the market, like the long shoe horn. Unlike the long shoe horn, the SBV has a gripping mechanism with a shoe horn curvature that pulls the footwear (shoe or boot) on without having to bend or reach and you can use it standing or sitting down. The Valet Product Line even patented an attached “bootjack” that pops off any shoe or boot with ease. Men and women can now pull on and take off their boots with no problem whatsoever. The Shoe Boot Valet weighs approximately one pound and requires little to no grip strength.

The Valet Product Line is also developing their newly patented Sock Valet, which will basically provide the same revolutionary utility with putting on and taking off socks and compression hosiery as the SBV does with footwear. The Sock Valet will be the only sock donning a gripping mechanism that pulls the sock over the foot, ankle and up the calf, with little to no bending or reaching required. Socks and compression hosiery are probably the most difficult dressing items to put on and the new Sock Valet will simplify that daily task immensely. The medical device industry has knowledge of this new product and is anxiously awaiting its arrival in early 2015.

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